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I gravitated towards case modding a few years ago, thanks greatly to GruntvillE.com, a modding website dedicated to showcasing modded computer cases. I posted my first case mod, the Sideview case, and I was hooked! Posting worklogs seemed to provide me with the incentive to forge ahead with projects, and see them through to completion. Something I was notorious for procrastinating on.
I come from an automotive background, as evidenced by my pride and joy, the Javelin SST. All throughout high school and thereafter, my friends and I worked on our cars, raced them, and worked on them some more. I've always taken pride in doing everything myself, and I enjoy showing off my work to others and getting feedback. My cases are no different. I always put 110% into each project regardless if it is for myself or someone else. I think my work speaks for itself.


I am currently available for commission work, and will consider all requests. Pricing will be determined on a per-project basis. Please feel free to contact me via the form below with a brief description of your request. I will then contact you directly to discuss logistics, timeframe, etc.
Thank you for your interest!

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