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UAL 737 continued

My actual worklog is quite long (over 30 pages!), so I thought I would include a few select images here.
Progress shots of the buck I made for forming the acrylic shell, to be used on the vac table:

In order to make the case cover, I needed to build a special vacuum-forming table to bend the plexiglass sheet over the complex curves. If you would like to see more about my vac table, check out this link.

Forming the body and wing…

Fitting the slimline slot-loading DVD drive in the wing:

Media-blasting the frame with lettering masked:

Custom United logo power button:

Prepping parts for paint:

Final touches and assembly:

If you would like to view any part of the build in more detail, you can check out the worklog in its entirety here:
UAL 737 Worklog

Or you can just browse the pics in the gallery here: UAL 737 Picture Gallery