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The front of the case features three functional 2.5" LCD screens that display DRADIS (Direction, RAnge, DIStance) sweeps, and eventually will show actual system telemetry (temperature, fan speeds, processor usage, etc...)

Below the LCD cluster is the DVD drive and BSG logo medallion. The DVD drive is mounted vertically behind the clear acrylic logo, and a window was cut out of the drive's cover so you can see the disc spinning.

Laser-cut BSG lettering can be found just under the logo medallion.

The left side panel features yet another LCD screen. This one is 10" and shows Galactica episodes. I also added larger BSG lettering below the screen, with glowing red centers.

The right side panel has a motorized sliding door that opens to reveal the components inside the case.

This video shows the DVD drive and Airlock doors in action: