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The engine pods were made from scratch as well, using a two-part plastic resin molded over a foam insulation form. Then they were grafted onto the side panels and detailed to match.

To keep the theme going throughout the whole system, I modded the Logitech G15 keyboard to match as well. I gave the palm rest the same treatment as the engine pods, cutting away areas and adding backing underneath.

I also modded the monitor to match, applying ribbing and detail to the bezel.

For the radiator fan grill, I designed an abstract image of the Galactica ship with various ships from the rag-tag fleet and had Moddersmart laser-cut it from shiny black acrylic.

The watercooling components are also well-suited for the theme: Red tubing with black anti-kink coils, and Swiftech blocks that have a ribbed look and feel.