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More detail work on the engine pods, adding depth with insets and exhaust port tubes, as seen in the above reference pic. Pens were sacrificed for this part. I didn't want to add ribbing over the pods, so I cut out portions and added styrene backing to achieve the same effect. More detail will be applied later on.


Instead of gluing on a second layer of styrene for the armor details, I thought it would be easier to just mask off the gutters in between and build them up with several coats of paint. So I cut some thin strips of blue tape and laid them down in a random pattern. I sprayed multiple coats of primer and about 3 coats of metallic paint.


For the ends, I used the pods as a template and cut out the shape. I added an inner strip to it and fit it into the pod. I used some spot filler and sanded it smooth before shooting it with a coat of primer.


Starting on the front panel, I prepped the panel by removing material from the top. I then added aluminum support brackets.


LCD SCREENS: I will be mounting multiple LCD screens in the front of the case. These screens are only 2.5" and will be mounted in a cluster-like fashion, similar to the data readout display seen on Galactica's bridge. After measuring the width of the front opening, I came up with a design for the screen mounting assembly and proceeded to make the pieces. Since the screens are just the LCD modules and didn't come with any sort of enclosure, I made some pockets for them. The screens are 2.5" LCD modules by Accele-vision. I got them through Millertech. Thanks Patrick!


I got the three 2.5" LCD's mounted on the case, along with their controller boards. To hold the controllers, I made this 3-tiered styrene base that will mount behind the screens. This is so the power and composite cables will clear the board next to it. After doing a test fit on the front panel, I had to make a little adjustment to the third tier so it would fit. I drilled and tapped holes in the screen's mounting base, then drilled through the controller base and the front panel frame and screwed it all together from the back.


Started on the small dummy screens that will go underneath the three live ones. I cut some pieces from some 1/4" scrap I had, roughed them up a bit, and glued them together. Then I proceeded to make the styrene bezels. Cut the faceplate, and glued the sides on. Then I glued the "screens" in, and drilled the hole for the led. I skinned the back with more styrene, giving it that LCD panel look. I made two pieces for the mounting bracket. One flat aluminum bar to connect both screens and one vertical piece cut from C channel to mount to the rest of the LCD bracketry. I decided to forego the use of any screws to secure the screens to the brackets, opting to just use some styrene rod. After cutting the rod to fit the profile of the screens, I glued them down, holding the bracket in place.